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CSV (Comma Separated Values) is a row-based file format primarily used for storing data that can be decomposed into rows and columns. There are various specifications and implementations for CSV format, but a common format for CSV files is described in RFC 4180

In a CSV file, a row corresponds to a data record. Within a data record, each field (columns) is separated by a character. The common implementation of CSV uses Comma as the field delimiter. But depending on the implementation, colons, semicolons, spaces, tabulation, or other characters can be used.

Advantages of CSV format:

  • It is human-readable.
  • It has a flat and simple schema, easy implementation.
  • Can be processed by almost all existing applications.

Drawbacks of CSV format:

  • Not universally standardized, various implementations.
  • Must be read sequentially, can take time to find information inside.
  • Not the most memory-efficient file format.
  • No support for diverse data types.

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