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Faster model development with H2O AutoML and Flow

Categories: Data Science, Learning | Tags: Automation, Cloud, H2O, Machine Learning, MLOps, On-premises, Open source, Python

Building Machine Learning (ML) models is a time-consuming process. It requires expertise in statistics, ML algorithms, and programming. On top of that, it also requires the ability to translate a…

Comparaison of different file formats in Big Data

Categories: Big Data, Data Engineering | Tags: Analytics, Avro, HDFS, Hive, Kafka, MapReduce, ORC, Spark, Batch processing, Big Data, CSV, Data Analytics, Data structures, Database, JSON, Protocol Buffers, Hadoop, Parquet, Kubernetes, XML

In data processing, there are different types of files formats to store your data sets. Each format has its own pros and cons depending upon the use cases and exists to serve one or several purposes…


By Aida NGOM

Jul 23, 2020

Node.js CSV version 4 - re-writing and performance

Categories: Node.js | Tags: CLI, CSV, Data Engineering, Refactoring, Release and features

Today, we release a new major version of the Node.js CSV parser project. Version 4 is a complete re-writing of the project focusing on performance. It also comes with new functionalities as well as…


By David WORMS

Nov 19, 2018

Node CSV version 0.2.7

Categories: Hack | Tags: CoffeeScript, CSV, Pipeline, Node.js

While I’m release version 0.2.7 of the CSV parser for Node.js, I stop here to drop a few lines of what has made into this release. We are now using the latest CoffeeScript, which is version 1.4.…


By David WORMS

Jul 9, 2013

Node CSV version 0.2.1

Categories: Node.js | Tags: CoffeeScript, CSV, Streaming, Release and features

After the announcement of the version 0.2.0 of the Node.js CSV parser at the beginning of october, we are releasing today a new version 0.2.1. This is mostly a bug fix release with enhanced…


By David WORMS

Jul 24, 2012

Node CSV version 0.1 and future developments

Categories: Node.js | Tags: CoffeeScript, CSV, Markdown, Streaming, Release and features

The Node CSV parser has just reach version 0.1 which close the 0.0.x releases. Started almost 2 years ago, the project has received a tremendous amount of participation in the form of bug reports…


By David WORMS

Jul 21, 2012

Node CSV version 0.2 with streaming API

Categories: Node.js | Tags: CSV, Data Engineering, Markdown, Streaming, Node.js

The Node CSV parser in its version 0.2 has just been released. This version is a major enhancement as it aligned the parser with the best Node.js practice in respect of streams. The CSV parser behave…


By David WORMS

Jul 2, 2012

How Node CSV parser may save your weekend

Categories: Hack | Tags: Bash, CSV, Hack, Node.js

Last Friday, an hour before the doors of my customer close for the weekend, a co-worker came to me. He just finished to export 9 CSV files from an Oracle database which he wanted to import into…


By David WORMS

Dec 13, 2011

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